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Name:Persona 4 All
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Persona 4 community dedicated to the game and all related material.
What's welcome here?

As the name suggests, we welcome all versions of Persona 4 canon, and all members are welcome.

We welcome manga fans, game fans, anime fans. We welcome fans of Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 the Golden. We love your fics about MC/Souji/Yu. We want your pimping posts, discussion, updates, fanart, fanfiction (het, slash, femslash, yaoi, yuri, gen, poly, asexual, other... as long as there are labels it's all good :) ). We'd love to see your icons, banners, love bars, reviews of a particular version of canon, fandom recommendations (E.G link to art or fanfiction based on a series, that you like), advertisements for fests and Persona 4 related things; virtually anything as long as it's for Persona 4 fandom.


1. Please tag with the character's name as relevant and the type of work you are using (for now just use a tag that you feel is sensible until we formalize the tags system).
2. Please include adequate warnings when posting, such as warning for any content that is not work-safe.
3. Please be careful with spoilers as some parts of canon are still being translated!
4. All media posts should be locked to the comm.
5. If you have a problem with another user, please contact [personal profile] charlietunoku, [personal profile] kingmoron or [personal profile] coolbufu.
6. Mods reserve the right to make and enforce requests in relation to making this community an enjoyable experience for all.

7. Please include all fic and large images behind a cut - no more than say five icons should be displayed on the front of the post, the rest should be included behind either a cut or a link (fakecut!)
• When posting fanfiction we suggest the following format:

Home of Tanaka's Amazing Scans

What is Tanaka’s Amazing Scans?

Tanaka’s Amazing Scans is a scanlation circle dedicated to providing you with scanlations of Persona 4 related material. It currently consists of the following members:

Project Coordinator: hostilecrayon
Scanner: very
Translator: kingmoron
Editor/Quality Control: coolbufu
Cleaner: NameNeedsMoreWork
Typesetter: Yosuke the Grouch

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ.

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